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Sustainable cookies and environmentally friendly production

Sustainability is a far greater topic these days than the vegan lifestyle is. This is important and the right path to take, because in the age of climate crisis and falling groundwater levels, it’s clear that we won’t be able to simply continue doing business as usual forever. Sustainability is increasingly important and should have been the basis of our economic activity a long time ago. But what does this actually mean? Sustainability means thinking about our own actions and their consequences. With regard to agriculture and our foodstuff production, this means we must manage and care for our resources responsibly. More precisely: Only a certain amount of resources can be consumed, so that future generations still have the same amount and quality at their disposal.

We value this greatly with our sustainable cookies

Sweet & Lucky has always valued sustainable cookie production. We are very much aware of the responsibility we have to support regional farmers and endeavour to keep transport routes as short as possible.

  • 90% of all raw materials used are sourced within a 50-kilometre radius.
  • 95% of all raw materials come from Germany and 98% are sourced in Europe.
  • 2% of our raw materials are not procured in Europe, vanilla, for example. We source this 2% from other continents, but always ensure organic and fair trade quality where possible.

Regionality means shorter transport routes and therefore fewer CO² emissions. We dispense entirely with controversial and environmentally critical raw materials such as palm oil in our fortune cookie production.

Own mill for top quality standards

Grain is the key component of our sustainable cookies. So quality is especially important when we choose it. The golden-yellow grain comes entirely from the region and is stored in our own grain silos. But that’s not enough for us: We procure our flour from our own in-house mills and therefore ensure the highest possible quality.

Sie legen auch großen Wert auf Nachhaltigkeit und möchten Ihren Kunden und Gästen nur das beste bieten? Dann beraten wir Sie gerne!

Organic fortune cookies

Sweet & Lucky has been certified according to EU eco regulations for well over ten years now. With our organic fortune cookies we assume a pioneering role and refine our image as a sustainable company. The growing demand for organic products rewards our responsible actions. Our organic fortune cookies are also produced according to our traditional recipe. Along with refined organic raw sugar we also use organic vanilla. We use only the best raw materials and therefore meet the highest possible quality requirements.

Quality you can taste!

No palm oil, sustainable, vegan, organic or fair trade? If you’re expecting a boring product, you’ll be wrong, because we never compromise with quality, and you’ll certainly taste it! Whether you order our sustainable cookies or certified organic fortune cookies – the taste will raise your eyebrows in approval every time!

A look at our orders also provides the proof. Our customers greatly value sustainable organic quality. As our fortune cookies are used for corporate communication, this demand also reflects our customers’ environmental awareness. Responsible and environmentally conscious treatment of resources in Sweet & Lucky’s fortune cookie production is therefore also part of our customers’ external perception and image.

For society in general the value of an intact environment now ranks right at the top of the priorities list – not least of all thanks to the United Nations and its Sustainability Agenda 2030.

Sweet & Lucky not only produces sustainable cookies, it also produces sustainable promotional items that both convey the customer’s message and emphasize the commitment to sustainability.