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Vegan fortune cookies – for every occasion

Vegan foodstuffs are now in more demand than ever. So the question is asked more and more: Are our fortune cookies vegan? It’s not without good reason that we dispense in the production of our fortune cookies with animal products such as eggs and butter. The recipe for our vegan fortune cookies consists of the main ingredients of flour and sugar. So you don’t have to laboriously make vegan fortune cookies yourself – you can simply order them in big and small amounts directly from us. But why does the vegan lifestyle play such a big role?

Veganism is growing

Veganism is far more than the trend it is often described as. It is a lifestyle that does entirely without animal products and has been anchored in our society for quite some time now. According to a Stotos Group study, approximately 1.3 million people in Germany live as vegans or for the most part do without animal products. ProVeg estimates that another 8 million people in Germany are vegetarian. An increasingly greater section of the population therefore dispenses with fish, meat and other animal products. The Forsa study on eating behaviour in Germany clearly shows that significantly less meat is being consumed than five years ago.

Most vegans’ goal is to make the world a little better. If you eat vegan, you dispense with animal products,

Veganism as a growth industry

The number of purely vegan restaurants is increasing, as is the provision of vegan products on supermarket shelves. Society is experiencing a rethink: Our nutrition will only be sustainable if we make it plant-based. Resource scarcity and global warming are problems that affect everyone all over the world and sensitize us for the change towards a more vegan world.

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Benefits of vegan fortune cookies

Having considered the mentioned studies, some benefits of vegan fortune cookies are plain to see: Sweet & Lucky makes an obvious contribution to sustainability with its vegan cookies. Valuable resources are saved by dispensing with animal products (neither eggs nor butter are used in our delicious recipe). Regional and sustainable recyclable material use is also very important with other recipe components.

As customers are increasingly asking for environmentally friendly products, our clients also benefit from this. Besides being a very popular product, vegan fortune cookies can also be consumed with a clear conscience.

And with vegan fortune cookies we are also keeping up with the times. The spread and sale of vegan products are increasing. Vegan restaurants can order fortune cookies without hesitation and offer them to their customers as a little thank you after eating or to go with a coffee.

Vegan fortune cookies with customised messages

Not just the dough is vegan with our fortune cookies – the sayings and messages in the cookie also address the issue. Our vegan fortune cookies can of course be designed entirely customised from batches of 250 plus.

What was Bruce Lee’s vegan brother’s name?
Brocco Lee!

I have from an early age abjured the use of meat, and the time will come when men such as I will look upon the murder of animals as they now look upon the murder of men.”

Leonardo da Vinci