Backformen einer Glückskeksmaschine, auf die gerade Teig gespritzt wird.

Fortune cookie production

Some insights into the production. This is how fortune cookies come about.

In-house grain silo – the bedrock of our production

We ensure the very best quality in our very own mill. And our grain silo is therefore also always filled with our region’s golden-yellow grain.

Always the best possible dough

Excellent: We use only the best raw materials for our dough, so our fortune cookies really do spoil every palate. And you really will taste it.

Real eye-catchers – our fortune cookies

A feast for the eyes. Sweet & Lucky fortune cookies therefore impress both with their delicious taste and their good looks!

Diverse and individual – our packaging films

As individual as you want it: Sweet & Lucky offers you an immense range of possibilities to customise and produce your wrapper. Make your mark.

Guaranteed – our quality assurance

At Sweet & Lucky, every single fortune cookie is subjected to the most precise quality controls during production. This ensures especially high quality and our fortune cookies’ success.