A man opens a fortune cookie. Only his hands and the fortune cookie can be seen.

Your fortune cookie

Every fortune cookie is something individually really special. With the customised design of the cookie, paper slip, film and packaging the cookie becomes the highlight of every occasion.

Child eats fortune cookie and holds thumb up

Your customised fortune cookie

The fortune cookie can be custom designed from beginning to end, and that already from batches of 250 or 2,500 plus. The fortune cookie’s colour, the saying baked into the cookie, the film packaging and the outer packaging can all be personalised for every occasion and every company. Personalisation also always means appreciation of the other. We at Sweet & Lucky advise you in creating your customised wish cookie.

Two women are hugging. One of the two women holds a present and balloons in her hands and laughs happily.


Every business deserves good advertising. And our fortune cookies are the ideal promotional gift for customers and corporate branding. Because fortune cookies are special. They are unusual and memorable. From batches of 250 plus already the outer packaging and the saying in the cookie can be customised for the next trade fair, an upcoming company event or as an employee gift with logo and claim. What occasion is a give-away required for?

Paper slips / Sayings

Every fortune cookie has a textual inner life, making it particularly unique. There’s a special message to be discovered in every cookie. Space is provided for up to 480 characters on the two sides of the paper slip. Along with more than 700 sayings from the cookie sayings database for various occasions, the paper slip can also be totally customised. Words of wisdom, sayings, QR codes or company logos can be baked into the cookie.

Young woman smiles while reading her fortune cookie slip
Lots of wrapped fortune cookies.


Our fortune cookies are packaged individually and airtight in a special OPP film to ensure they stay fresh for much longer. The film can be printed individually, with a company logo for example, from batches of 250 plus. But the standard films are also impressive – with lower unit numbers there is a choice between transparent, white and silver, and a gold film combined with a Chinese motif.

Three packs of fortune cookies, a foil fortune cookie and a candy tray full of fortune cookies


For packaging purposes, a professional offering is provided to choose from for each intended use. Covering boxes, bag toppers and folded boxes are ideal for the packaging on promotional gifts and give-aways. Sweet jars and tins are enticing exhibitors to reach in and nibble. And of course the different packagings can also be printed individually according to their requirements. We find the right outer packaging for every intended use!