Two fortune cookies with the slogan "Das Glück kommt zu Ihnen!"

Fortune cookie sayings for every occasion

Crispy and delicious – that’s a fortune cookie for you. And yet it isn’t just the popular pastry that delights – what’s inside does as well: Clever, cheeky, witty or philosophical sayings ensure entertainment and excitement when opening the cookie. Nobody knows what message the fortune cookie will reveal. The curiosity is so great that the saying has to be read before the cookie is scoffed.

Wait not for big miracles, or you’ll miss the small ones.

And the fortune cookies with their baked-in sayings truly are little wonders, because there is a suitable saying for every occasion.

The fortune cookie saying is also not just more original, it also becomes more and more customised. While before there were mainly words of wisdom and quotes by famous people or giants of the ancient world such as the Chinese philosopher Confucius, today there are sayings for weddings, a girls night out or an upcoming football match.

Fortune cookie sayings for weddings

Your wedding is often described as the most beautiful day of your life. You say yes to your partner for life and promise eternal love and devotion. A day that is remembered forever.

Love is the harmony of two hearts.

Bridal couples invite their guests to their wedding or thank them for coming with suitable fortune cookie sayings. The wedding celebration also loosens up with fortune cookies with funny, amusing sayings set out on the tables.

Saying such as

The secret to a long marriage? Easy: Find the right woman and get old enough!

are both witty and entertaining. Fortune cookie sayings are therefore guaranteed to conjure up smiles on the wedding guests’ faces.

Love is ... when someone says something beautiful to you every day.

Or how about fortune cookies as a gift for the bridal couple? The newly-weds will certainly delight in charming “Love is …” messages as their life together begins.

The wedding gift takes on a personal character when the sayings are customised for the bridal couple. Congratulations are declared and anecdotes related with the customised fortune cookie sayings. The best of it: The little fortune cookie paper slips can be preserved and perhaps placed in the wedding book.

Fortune cookie sayings for the future

Let’s stay with the wedding. What do we especially want for the bridal couple? A harmonious, happy and shared future, “future” being the keyword here. Why not give the newly-weds a special gift in the form of numerous different sayings – enveloped by a fortune cookie of course?!

You will explore new ground, releasing new energies for you.

But the future interests everyone. Fortune cookies with sayings for the future are always the right gift – whatever the occasion.

Fortune cookie sayings for an evening with friends

At home with friends or in your favourite bar – witty fortune cookie sayings are the ideal party gag and party snack everywhere.

"Certain people are for me and certain people are pro me!"

Terry Venables

Footballers and managers draw attention to themselves again and again with such statements, both on and off the pitch. The legendary quote by Terry Venables is a prime example of such football gaffs.

Fortune cookies with football sayings are ideal for the next Premier League, European Cup or World Cup match. At half-time in particular the witty fortune cookie sayings are great for filling in the break and ensure even more fun with friends.

I don't think there is anybody bigger or smaller than Maradona."

Kevin Keegan

Or how about some funny fortune cookie sayings for the next girls’ night out?

True friends don’t try to pull you up when you’re down. They sit down with you with chocolate and a bottle of bubbly.

Fortune cookies are ideal for every party or even simply just for in-between. Not just topic-related fortune cookie sayings are popular here – customised sayings are now more in demand than ever.

Customised fortune cookie sayings

Customised sayings can be baked into all fortune cookies – as give-aways at trade fairs, prize codes for lotteries or as customised gifts. Creativity knows no limits here, apart from the characters’ limit. Your own messages can be placed on four lines with up to 240 characters (depending on font and font size). If you have more to say simply print on the rear side and you have twice as many characters. Essentially: 25 different sayings are free. Further fortune cookie sayings can be used for a small surcharge.