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Fortune cookies with sayings for the future

Many myths surround the history of the fortune cookie. One of them takes us to Japan. The Omikuji lottery oracle is extremely popular in the Far Eastern country. Those looking for an answer to a specific fate or who simply want some luck get their prediction on the rolled up paper note: Am I going to have good luck, bad luck or something in between?

Fortune cookies with sayings for the future shouldn’t be understood so specifically. Basically it’s not about the fortune cookie predicting the future. The sayings in the fortune cookie should really encourage contemplation and ensure reflection on specific events in one’s own life.

You will find adventure, or adventure will find you.

Do fortune cookies predict the future?

Everyone has hopes, wishes and dreams, that’s what makes us human. The future is a blank canvas: Will our wishes be fulfilled? The future is unknown! Why not take a look into the future? Because it’s not so easy, as this frequently used quote accurately describes: “Prediction is very difficult, especially if it’s about the future!” It’s unsure who said this. Some say Mark Twain; others say Winston Churchill, or even Karl Valentin. Whoever it was, it conveys the uncertainty about what the future holds. And it is precisely this uncertainty that releases the desire in all of us to have clarity.

Fortune cookies that carry a message for the future are therefore especially interesting. Everyone wants to know what pearl of wisdom the fortune cookie will give them to take away.

Even those that don’t believe the fortune cookie’s content will inevitably wonder how the fortune cookie saying might be interpreted for their own future.

You will explore new ground, releasing new energies for you.

Positive words for the future make us feel good; they build us up and motivate us. Of course the content shouldn’t be simply trusted or believed one hundred percent. Fun is quite clearly front and certain when reading the fortune cookie predictions. But there is a grain of truth in every quote or saying and it can be food for thought for the future.

A word will build a bridge.

The message serves as a reference and perhaps gives an answer or food for thought that might influence the future at little at least.

Crack open fortune cookies on New Year’s Eve and find out the future

New Year’s Eve is THE day on which we await the future with more anticipation than any other day of the year. We look forward excitedly to the New Year. We celebrate, make new resolutions, count down the countdown and make predictions for the New Year with New Year’s Eve oracles. Pouring molten lead was always popular in Germany, but was banned in 2018.

Fortune cookies with sayings for the future are an excellent alternative to the New Year’s Eve oracle. The baked-in messages both support sustainability and add to the delight the cookie brings. Each and all can then determine themselves how they want to understand the sayings for their own future. The messages can be interpreted with lots of fun, with regard to resolutions for the New Year, upcoming changes, hopes and wishes, for example. The sayings for the future encourage contemplation and can be interpreted for one’s own life situation. When reading the paper slip inside we have all no doubt at least once found ourselves wondering how apt the saying is, haven’t we?

A word will build a bridge.

The most popular fortune cookie sayings for the future

There are plenty of fortune cookie sayings for the future. Sweet & Lucky’s collection of sayings includes more than 700 different sayings in English and German. There is always something for everyone here with such a huge selection. Along with the multitude of sayings, there is of course also the possibility to write one’s one sayings for the future and bake them into the delicious cookies.

If I get little crazy, it’s like a little medicine for me.