Alexandra, Christoph and Viktoria Brauch surrounded by fortune cookies.

The Brauch Family

Sweet & Lucky is a modern family-run enterprise, which has evolved out of the tradition of a flourmill business. The company was founded in 2003 by the three Brauch siblings. They are the faces behind Europe’s biggest fortune cookie producer and manage the company’s skills accordingly.

Evolved from a traditional mill business

Today’s Brauch family has owned the Heck mill in Gondelsheim for over a hundred years now. Great-grandpa, Ferdinand Heck, took on the mill back then, and it was subsequently further developed over the generations with all the pertinent traditions in place. In line with this history, grandfather (Richard Heck) and then the parents (Angelika and Willi Brauch) continued to form the basis to start up Sweet & Lucky. Because without the mill’s background, with the love of regionality, quality and appreciation of food and foodstuffs connected with it, the idea of setting up a fortune cookie production operation would never have come to fruition.

With the motivation to spread happiness throughout the world

Viktoria, Alexandra and Christoph Brauch are the three siblings behind Sweet & Lucky. Driven by the joy of spreading a little happiness in the world and to make people’s lives that little bit more positive. With fortune cookies, which back then were still pretty unknown in Germany and Europe, the right idea was born at the right time. It was also important, however, to go to a new quality level here, in order to also generate the required drive for the fortune cookie market in Europe. For more on this see “Vision”.