A wedding couple sit and celebrate happily with guests around an outdoor table. Confetti are thrown.

Fortune cookies for your wedding

Your wedding day is literally the most wonderful day of your life. Hardly any other event is so moving: you and I become we! A moving experience for everyone, the bridal couple and their friends and family. The planning and organization already begin months before the wedding to ensure the big day remains forever unforgettable. Customised fortune cookies at the wedding can ensure the day is remembered for life.

In several ways all at once, fortune cookies can guarantee unusual and memorable moments before, during and after the wedding celebrations.

Fortune cookies as wedding invitations

If you’re planning a wedding you’ll want to share your happiness and invite friends and family to this moving event, celebrating the bond of marriage.

The happier we make others, the happier we are ourselves.

A wedding invitation in a fortune cookie isn’t just delicious for the guests, it’s also remembered forever.

For weather reasons the most popular months for marriages are June, July, August and the first half of September. The summer months are also the most popular holiday months.

Weeds grow in two months – a red rose takes a whole year.

To celebrate the wedding with as many relatives and friends as possible, usually a save-the-date has to be sent six to twelve months before the wedding day. Essentially these days, cards are often sent with the wedding date. Why not get out of the box and tell your guests the wedding date with fortune cookies? Bridal couples then make more time for themselves, because the wedding invitation can often only be sent when many things have already been planned, such as the time of the service in the church and when the celebrations begin at the given location. The invitations should be going in friends and relatives’ doors three to six months before the wedding at the latest. But the wedding invitations can also be delivered perfectly and entertainingly as fortune cookies.

Fortune cookies to entertain at the wedding

The wedding also depends very much on interactions and what’s on the programme. How about fortune cookies that provide an additional boost to the party atmosphere? Fortune cookies with funny sayings can be placed on the tables: Fortune cookies with love sayings or even sayings customised by the bridal couple with personal love stories. Or how about motivating the guests for photos? This then creates even more memories.

Take a photo with the person in the most beautiful dress.

Take a photo of your table pulling all the right faces.

Take a photo of the youngest person in the room

There are plenty of ideas for fortune cookie sayings at the wedding to make it unforgettable.

Fortune cookies as gifts for wedding guests

With guest gifts for the wedding the bridal couple is sure to spread a little joy among all the guests. Guest gifts don’t just say thank you for coming and for the present, they also let the bridal couple gift a little memento of the special day and the night spent together to take home. Guest gifts are a wonderful way to remind your guests about the wedding celebration.

Fortune cookies instead of thank-you cards

The bridal couple doesn’t open the wedding gifts until after the wedding. Good manners mean the guests have to be thanked after the wedding with a personal greeting. Fortune cookies make the thank-you special and stand out from the usual thank-you cards.

Fortune cookies as gifts for the bride and groom

The bridal couple aren’t the only ones with plenty of opportunities to skilfully stage fortune cookies at the wedding. The bride and groom themselves can be surprised with fortune cookies as a wedding gift.

Instead of a traditional congratulations card the bridal couple will also adore beautiful love sayings in the fortune cookies. Ideas often come to fruition at the wedding celebration, such as how the bridal couple can be accompanied during their first year together: Every month the newly-weds receive fortune cookies with love sayings that remind them of their bond.

Love is ... when someone says something beautiful to you every day.