Lots of wrapped fortune cookies.Lots of wrapped fortune cookies.

The film packaging

Our fortune cookies are packaged individually and airtight in recyclable OPP films to ensure they stay fresh for much longer. Find out about our standard films here or benefit from our customised services, whereby we print your films entirely in line with your wishes.

Fortune cookies in standard films without customised print

Transparent packaging, in white, silver or gold combined with a Chinese motif – our standard films offer you an impressive selection to choose from.

Examples for printed transparent films

Utilise the benefits of our customised and transparent films for both yourself and your customers. You are guaranteed no less than a truly customised trend product.

Printed white films

Stylish: Your motif imprint on white packaging is especially impressive in its customising. A really good choice.

Examples for printed silver films

Fascination at first sight – your fortune cookies in silver film make friends quick smart.