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Fortune Stories

The luck is in the cookie and we tell these stories with our fortune cookies – at events, with sayings for every occasion and stories about the fortune cookie and the company.

Two fortune cookies and the slogan "Today is your lucky day."Two fortune cookies and the slogan "Today is your lucky day."

Fortune cookie sayings for every occasion

The fortune cookie doesn’t just delight with its taste – that’s actually what the saying inside really does. The clever, cheeky, witty or fully customised sayings ensure fun and excitement when opening the cookie. The fortune cookie sayings now entertain at almost every occasion: At weddings, girls nights out, the next football match or on New Year’s Eve the fortune cookie with the right saying ensures really special moments.

2 fortune cookies with an Asian decoration in red

The history of the fortune cookie

Multiple myths and theories surround the origins of the fortune cookie. But where did it really come from? The stories take us to China, Japan and America. We followed the trail back to the 13th and 14th centuries to find out who came up with the delicious fortune cookie and how the words of wisdom got into the cookie. Curious yet?