Two women are hugging. One of the two women holds a present and balloons in her hands and laughs happily.

Unusual promotional gifts:
Fortune cookies for branding

Every business deserves good advertising. Advertising that goes with the company and meets customer and potential customer tastes. And fortune cookies aren’t just delicious – both kids and adults love them equally. Fortune cookies are therefore perfect as promotional gifts for customers and for children.

When fortune cookies were introduced, it’s unlikely anyone thought about baking advertising messages into the cookie. The possibilities of using fortune cookies as unusual promotional gifts are far more diverse here than the actual history of the fortune cookies themselves.

Promotional gifts with logos – an unbeatable promotional impact

Studies by the Gesamtverband der Werbeartikel-Wirtschaft e.V. show that promotional gifts have an unparalleled promotional impact compared with other advertising methods. No other advertising medium is as cost-effective and reaches the appropriate number of contacts within the target group.

What makes a good promotional gift?

A promotional gift with a logo must not be immediately recognisable as such. The customer or potential customer should really see a gift that offers them an additional benefit. They may perceive the branding and the advertising message unconsciously, but are certainly never annoyed by it.

The benefit for the customer is important: Pens, notepads, power bank, USB adapter or USB sticks, we all use them every day. The advertising contact is correspondingly high and makes the customer’s everyday easier.

Ideally the promotional item with a logo brings the product or service closer to the customer. Banks traditionally utilise piggy banks and consequently already lock in their business purpose with the next generation of customers, on World Savings Day for example.

The intention and purpose of a promotional item with a logo therefore consists of several tasks with the objective of explaining the company’s business idea and ultimately creating demand with the customer.

Personalised fortune cookies as promotional gifts for customers

Fortune cookies are the ideal promotional gift for customers – they’re special, unusual and memorable. Nibbling the sweet treat makes you happy, and opening fortune cookies is fun. So they hit the mark on every level! Each saying is read attentively and the message spreads.

And of course the cookie can also be customised several times at once with advertising messages and a logo: