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Our vision

Fortune cookies were still pretty much unknown in Germany in 2003. Some of us knew them from Chinese restaurants. They had the reputation of tasting like cardboard and at best were used to package the fortune cookie paper slips inside them. But then we had the vision of baking the best fortune cookies in the world.

“Can you also eat them?”

We heard this question quite a lot at the beginning. The only fortune cookies on the market were for the most part pretty bad quality. Both in their look and their taste. “We’ve got to change this!” was our motto back then. Such a positive and beautiful product just has to also taste good and look good. Just has to be appetising! Precisely this was our vision and our claim that we got started with.

Appreciation of the foodstuff

With the tradition of our mills, in which we’ve grown up, we were born into the tradition of appreciating foodstuffs so to speak. We knew the value of good raw materials. A foodstuff being thrown away, because it didn’t look or taste the way the customer thought it should, was intolerable for us.

The exceptionally good quality of Sweet & Lucky’s fortune cookie’s has really gotten around over the years. You can eat our fortune cookies with pleasure, which is certainly one of the reasons why we’ve become the market leader in Europe. Important for us: No compromises with quality!

Standing still is going backwards

The IFS Food and Organic Certification were already milestones. The Vegan Label and the addition of Fairtrade raw materials to our portfolio are a logical further development. Sustainability, a subject that’s getting more and more important for us all. And with it we’re still nowhere near the end of our vision.